About Us

01 white bg, head shot, black coatMission:
The goal is to provide enlightenment tools to create an extraordinary life.

There is an agenda to establish; however it is without an absolute path to follow or timeline. It is a self-personalized process that emerges within one’s true self. Only you can commingle your past, present and future, with your true self.

It is a self-guided process that only you can engage to enhance your enlightenment. Your personal experiences including books, classes etc. are elements that are used consciously and unconsciously to create your perspective.

Whatever commitments you make, whether conscious or unconscious, will shape your experiences and create consequences. It is your responsibility to determine who you are and what you create. Socrates felt that a life unexamined was a life not worth living.

Your nature is to consciously create, if not you will create your life unconsciously.

If you do not know what drives you, you cannot know your true self

What is being offered here are topics with perspectives, thoughts and ideas that can open your internal dialog leading to your enlightenment. These forthcoming topics are not in any particular order of importance nor are the list extensive. The intent is that one or more of these topics will assist you on your journey of self-realization.

Sometimes a life changing epiphany occurs as if a lightning strike out of nowhere. At the other end of transition possibilities, experiences can show up slowly with gentle internal shifts seemingly unfelt. Then you sense that life seems to conspire to help you.

Being in the right place at the right time doing the right thing, starts to feel normal. When you notice how different and wonderful you feel, you may wonder when and what happened. The rewards will be many including harmony, love, openness, peace, freedom and experiencing true happiness seemingly without any particular reason.


In addition to being a teacher and author, Charles “Al” Huth is also a professional magician who studied at the Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood, California. He performs uplifting and motivational illusions in alignment with the purpose of the event.

He enjoys creating magic that entertains the concept of Living an Extraordinary Life. One of his favorite topics is Creating Magic in Your Life. Real magic starts with an acknowledgement that everything is interconnected.

Let Al conjure up some special illusions for your next event. Go to Al’s Magic Show Booking page to get started!
(Available throughout Southern Oregon and Northern California)