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Living An Extraordinary Life

The Magic of Oneness

by Charles Albert Huth

Living An Extraordinary Life teaches readers the greatest magic trick of all time: being magicians of their own lives. Readers lives will be positively changed forever!

Unlike positive thinking books, The Magic of Oneness turns the reader into an active partner with a Universe that can’t resist giving him what he truly wants. Think of that! How would the reader think and act if he knew the Universe conspires to help him?

Living An Extraordinary Life is a book keeping very much to the point of helping readers develop a simple daily practice. This practice will, in a natural way, develop the magic of co-creating one’s desires with the Universe.

I am a teacher and a magician by trade, currently giving performances for all occasions. I especially enjoy performing for churches, schools and other groups in which I intertwine the book’s principles with my magic tricks; fun shows with motivational messages. In addition, I offer workshops based on the principles embedded in my book.

Living life creatively is part of our heritage and physiological makeup. These gifts are expressed uniquely by each of us. Recognition of this reality enhances ones ability to live an extraordinary life. Looking at life from the perspective of making magic can open the door to consciously creating your life. Happiness is derived if choices are compatible with your unique desires, passions and needs.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding my book, workshops or performances.

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