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Break-Through Opportunity To Live an Extra-Ordinary Life


Responding to your boundless potential rather than being enslaved by your fears

Evolving beyond your intellectual understanding into an active expression of  Your True Self

Moving beyond your perceived limitations into a co-creative relationship With OUR Planet

Participating in the co-creation of Peace in the Universe


The basic premise present here is that we have natural gifts that allow us to reach our full potential. Secondly, we have vastly underestimated what our possibilities could be.

There is a natural interrelationship between humans and the universe that is our designed nature.

Our ability to have complex thought processes enables us to reach our full potential. Our motivation and drive to create the extraordinary is our natural way to be. The human race has developed high levels of technological sophistication. We continue to explore outer space, the depths of the ocean and the microscopic to understand our environment.

Philosophers and theologians from antiquity to modern times are still grappling with the meaning of life and the right way to live. The questions and conclusions appear to have changed little. This debate and technological advances continues to obscure our awareness of our natural way of being. We have overlooked the obvious. It is time to explore our natural gifts to live an extraordinary life.

Do we question the natural gifts of birds that migrate?

We will explore the natural gifts of being human. Together, we will develop simple paradigms that become the fertile soil where our full potential becomes reality. The ultimate goal is to evolve beyond our intellectual understanding into an active expression of our true selves. 

A simple daily process will be presented that will bring this ultimate goal into your reality.

In Summary

When Living an Extraordinary Life, you actively and consciously co-create your life hand-in-hand with the universe.

Think of it as being the captain of your own ship or life. While you cannot control the storms and turbulent seas, you can better live in harmony with the sea by cooperating with the laws of nature. Respect, understanding, and gratitude allow you to navigate the storms of life and arrive at your destination, living in the possibilities of your endlesspotential.

I call Living an Extraordinary Life a practice because it provides you tools with which to hone your co-creating talents. As with any practice, such as eating well, exercising, or acquiring a new skill, you have to learn the steps and processes that work well for you. Then, gradually, you realize that you just do these things naturally.

The practice of Living an Extraordinary Life gives you the tools and processes to use to sharpen your ability to co-create. With time, you will internalize and eternalize the practice so co-crating becomes a way of being.

What’s in it for you?

Practicing Living an Extraordinary Life allows you to live your True Nature, something your logical mind usually forgets. Your True Nature is a part of a creative and intelligent universe that responds to all aspects of itself. Wherever you put your attention and intentions, the universe responds by giving it to you, even the things you really don’t want. Thus, when your True Nature is active, it is careful what it wants and thinks about, for it knows it will experience it. Your True Nature loves co-creating with the universe.

Embedded in your True Nature is your life purpose(s) and reason(s) for being. You come into this life already knowing who and what you’re all about. The keeper of this flame is your True Nature, which will provide you all the information you need via its intuitive connection with you.

Living an Extraordinary Life means being connected with your True Nature: being who you are meant to be and actively living your life purpose. This is what I call enlightened bliss! You are in complete integrity with yourself and your higher purpose. Imagine how wonderful this will feel.

I invite you to begin this journey to live as your True Nature today!

About Me

I am a teacher, magician and program facilitator.

Early in my life I contracted polio. My doctors informed me that I would be crippled; however, this did not become my reality.

Later in life I realized the blessing in this experience. Below my conscious level of awareness, I somehow knew I could do whatever I wanted to accomplish. This “knowing” allowed me to transcend my perceived limitations into an adventure of ongoing expanded consciousness.

I have explored many paths of esoteric teachings and attended many classes and workshops on self help strategies, psychic development and various healing modalities. I have many years of experience as a successful teacher and facilitator. Through my work, many students and clients did experience transformation into happy, healthy and productive lives. My unique background, Socratic methodology and personal style enhanced my ability to assist others to find their way to living a full potential life style.

The Nature of this Workshop

This workshop is an interactive learning experience based on the concepts in my book. It is a hands on process for each person. This personal interaction with the material will stimulate a natural and functional use of this practice. It becomes part of your natural way of being.

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